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Losing data can be devastating. I'll recover it!

If you have already lost data:

First, stop anything you are doing with your computer. Turn it off, and contact me ASAP. Continuing to use (or attempting to use) the computer in its damaged state may cause additional data loss and prevent recovery efforts.

If you've done any searching for data recovery services, you know that prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Don't pay that.  Software-recoverable data recovery with TRI Tech Guy is much more affordable, and just like all of my services, it is 100% risk-free.  If I don't recover any data, you pay nothing!

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Data Recovery
Catastrophic Data Loss

TRI Tech Guy is proud to partner with Drive Savers Data Recovery to provide recovery services for catastrophically-damaged drives.  If your drive has been damaged by flood, fire, or physical damage, I can work with you and with Drive Savers to have your irreplacable data recovered by their top-of-the-line recovery engineeers.  Best of all, you get exclusive TRI Tech Guy discounts with Drive Savers if you let me help you through the process.

For more information about the many ways your hard drive can fail, check out the tool below.


Get the DriveSaver app!Brought to you by DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recovery


TRI Tech Guy is the only DriveSavers Data Recovery Authorized Reseller in the Cordova area.  When having your hard drive serviced by TRI Tech Guy and DriveSavers, you can rest assured that your drive is being handled in the most high-tech, high-security ways possible. Check out the video below. These aren't NASA engineers; these are my partners in data recovery.


Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery


Preventing data loss

Here are some ways you may know that your hard drive is about to fail or has damaged sectors:

  • Your computer locks up (freezes) randomly.
  • You see the Blue Screen of Death.
  • Your computer restarts without warning.
  • Your computer refuses to boot or has difficulty booting.
  • Your computer is slow.
  • Your computer makes strange sounds (clicking, buzzing, grinding).

Modern systems are actually very robust and often good at trying to work around partial hard drive failures, but this can sometimes be a problem. By not solving a hard drive problem before it becomes critical, users risk losing more data.  If any of the above bullet points sound familiar to you, contact me today to have your hard drive evaluated, conditioned, and repaired. Preventing data loss is much easier and less expensive than recovering lost data, so act today to protect your files!