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You capture your life and memories with digital still and video cameras.

In the event of a catastrophic lard drive failure, natural disaster, fire, flood, or theft...
how many memories will you lose forever? 

It is a fact that most people don't have any backup plan in place.  Many backups that do exist are significantly out of date.  Even up-to-date backups are vulnerable to catastrophe if they are physically located in the same place as the system being backed up.

You need someone to tailor a backup solution just for you.  You need a solution that just works.  You need a solution that is infinitely expandable.  You need a solution that is secure.  I can do that!

Don't spend another moment simply hoping that your irreplaceable photos, videos, documents, music, and other files will be safe.  Backing up your data is NOT expensive.  Recovering lost data may be impossible or extremely costly.

Contact me today to have TRI Tech Guy create, install, and configure an easy-to-use, foolproof backup solution for you!